3D print

With us, your ideas become reality.

3D print technology is best known for its use in prototyping, but it’s also suitable for custom production of unique objects, specific mechanisms and spare parts. We print up to 5 different colors with FDM technology. In addition, we offer the use of water-soluble supporting material that enables precise making of the most demanding shapes. If you can’t find or make the desired model yourself, we will 3D model it for you.

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3D scanning

In case you want to transfer an existing object to digital format, we offer the service of 3D scanning, as well as modifying existing scans. Once you have a scan you’re happy with, we can also print it for you.


3D printing technology is ideal for fast and cheap prototyping, testing the size and functionality of mechanisms and objects of various types and purposes. The results of prototype testing enable us to improve the quality of design and make it more attractive.


With the use of 3D modeling and printing we can make custom toys, gadget accessories and other unique gifts for your near and dear ones. For a start, take a look at the Thingsgivers website or simply browse the Internet. If you can't find the present you want, we'll make 3D model for you.

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