3D modeling & CGI

With the technology of virtual 3D modelling and virtual reality, finally you can show your ideas in the exact same way you imagine them to be.

We offer the service of 3D modeling as part of product design as well as independently according to your sketches. In case you need CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) or 3D print of a virtual 3D model, we’re here for you.

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Static CGI

In order to make renders (static virtual reality images) we use your models or create them ourselves. Renders can then be implemented into existing photos or virtual surroundings according to your needs.

Animated CGI

Animated CGI combines video production and virtual reality. Some examples of the services we offer in this domain include an animated section, assembly, disassembling or functioning of a complex mechanism, cartoon resembling animations and video scenes that can’t be shot in reality.

Interactive CGI

Modern technology of virtual reality modeling enables the making of stunning interactive 3D models that you can use on your website or in a business presentation to stand out and make a good impression.

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