Product design

Research has shown that companies which implement design in their development process have 219% higher success rate on the market.

Be it furniture, gadgets, appliances or elaborate products such as vehicles or vessels, our team takes care of the entire design process according to your needs and wishes. We approach each project individually and optimize its phases starting with market analysis, sketches and 3D models to prototyping and testing.

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Contrary to popular belief, primary feature of good design is not (only) aesthetics. We make sure that your product is a whole answer to any given challenge – ergonomic, mechanical or functional.


You have solved a mechanical or technological problem. Now you would like to put your innovation on the market, but it’s missing the good looks? Taking into account the principals of proportions and aesthetics as well as your preferences, we create attractive visual solutions.


If you’re developing an innovation that will result in a product and you’re missing a designer in your team, we’re here to help. As a part of your team or as independent associates, we support you through the whole process, from sketch to pitch.

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